Monday, 29 March 2021

Arizona Sunshine VR (Oculus Quest 2)

                                                                     Arizona Sunshine VR

Arizona Sunshine was one of the first two games I purchased for my Oculus Quest 2 which I purchased a couple of months ago now. A co-worker was telling me about his Oculus Quest 2 and how great it was and how fun this Arizona Sunshine game was. It sounded need, but I wasn't all that convinced, plus the 400 + dollar price tag  (CAD) was a bit off putting to try out a new tech which might just be overhyped gimmick.

 I had used an Oculus Go previously, when last winter my mom brought one home and me and my wife were there for the holidays , and she said she bought it because it was on sale and looked fun. We all had a try, had some laughs and pretty much forgot about it. 

A couple of months ago after hearing my co-worker go on about his quest 2 and AZ, I booted up the Oculus Go and messed around to see if it was any good. I ended up enjoying some small games it had. The Go only has one controller with a trigger and a thumb pad. There was a beat saber like game where you have a hammer and switch colours of your hammer with the trigger to hit the appropriate colour of blocks that come your way.

The point I'm trying to get to, is that I enjoyed it enough to decide to spend the cash on the Oculus Quest 2. Since I had a nice discount coupon for an online order at Best Buy and I had just gotten my yearly bonus from my previous job. Also since it was a significant purchase I asked my wife if she would be OK with me spending $400 on a toy.... She said it was fine with her so I made the order. 

This is turning into an Oculus review, but that will be a different review, so its time to get on with the review of the game, which I finished last night.

Arizona Sunshine was my first VR game (I'm not counting the demos on the Oculus Go or Beat Saber)

I had no idea what to expect as it was loading up. (You can buy it on Steam or on the Oculus Quest itself, i bought mine on the Quest)

So when the game loads up you start in a trailer with a bunch of tapes on the table and a spot to insert them with a screen on the far wall. There is also a purple gun on the table beside the tape deck. These tapes are the different game features such as settings, campaign, horde mode , credits and even the DLC packs have their own tape. 

you can pick up a take by pointing your had at it and clicking the trigger button to grab it. Then you insert it into the tape deck by moving to the deck and clicking the trigger again. It was very neat to reach for things and pick them up with a click. 

Then with a tape inserted, the screen will show a menu and you then pick up the gun and shoot at the options you want to select. 

There is an option for having a reticle for aiming or to not have one. I opted for not having one and I loved playing without one. Nothing felt more badass than popping headshots one after another aiming down the sights or just quickly aiming and shooting and hitting your target. 

Though many times I would shoot , miss by a bit and have to re-adjust which felt very real. 
Many times I would steady my right arm with my left, and then when the magazine was empty I would just quickly swap and steady my left with the right hand to fire my second gun. When you get used to the gunplay in the game it gets very smooth. 

To reload your gun, you will press the lower button on the face of the controller which ejects the clip, then you tap your hand to your chest where all your ammo is kept. You do the same for any gun in your left hand as well. Ammo you pick up you grab and touch your chest and it will go into your ammo stash. 

Same with grenades. When you look down you will see your ammo count, your grenades and the weapons on your holsters (One on each side) You can carry 4 guns at a time. One in each hand and one on each of your hips. There is a section where you go through a mine and need a flashlight so that leaves you with 3 guns and a flashlight. 

There are about 10 guns in the game and all of them were fun to use, including the sniper rifles later in the game which you cant take with you, instead you find them in a sniper nest, you can pick them up and take out targets at a distance, then leave the gun behind and continue on.

A bit of a disappointment was the fact that there is no gun recoil when you shoot. 

As for movement through the game, there are 3 different ways, The first method which I used for most of the game was teleporting. You use your thumbstick on either hand to pick a spot to teleport to and you will go there. From whatever spot you're in you can take a few steps anywhere , you can look in any direction(depending on your play area) and crouch if you want. 

The other option is for smooth movement. Which means you move like in any other video game, using the thumbstick to move forward and back in the direction you are looking or the direction your hand is pointing (changeable in the options)

This method is what I wanted to use, but it quickly made me dizzy and sick. It also caused me to almost fall over a few  times as the sensation of shooting forward while not actually moving was destabilizing at best, and nauseating at worst. 

The third option is one I couldn't try out as it needs an extra accessory. Its called Cyber Shoes. (look it up) From what I have seen , you have something on your feet, and you sit in a chair and move your feet to make your character walk.... I don't know much else about it. 

The graphics in the game are enjoyable but slightly cartoonish (which is perfectly fine) and there is a but of fog after a certain draw distance but the views can be really nice. The zombies that come after you look fine and there is enough variety of them to not get too stale too fast. 

Some will have helmets and body armour so aiming for the head wont kill some of them. IN those cases you take out the legs and pump their bodies full of lead until they die. 

The first part of the game was very neat. There were objects to pick up and look at. Car doors to open to check the seats for ammo. Car trunks to open, buildings to go into with desk drawers to open for ammo. There is food in the fridge to eat and random cans and items to pick up and throw with no real use. 

There are masks all over the place in this game that you can pick up and put on. Some cool looking ones too and I wore the Jason looking hockey mask from when I got it to the very end of the game. These are just for co-op mode fun from what I can tell as in single player they serve no purpose. 

The gameplay has you making your way through Arizona in search of... well anyone else. You're alone the entire time following a radio broadcast in hopes of meeting up with other people. Along the way you have to find some keys, and levers and find some C4 , but for the most part you're shooting zombies . Sometimes there are a few that you dispatch quite easily out in the open and move on, other times you are in a tight spot and a horde of them are rushing towards you and you have to take them all out before you can move on. 

These are the times you need to have your reloading skills down, and know how to use your grenades. A couple times I would throw a grenade without first pulling the pin. Waiting for the boom, but it never came.

Speaking of grenades, I dont know if it was just me but I couldn't thrown them very far and sometimes they fell so close to me I had to turn and run so I wouldn't die or take damage from it.

The character you play talks to himself, and to the zombies so you get some personality to the character you play. He makes quips, shouts emphatically as he gets headshots and mows zombies down. Laments about being alone, questioning what hes doing and why hes bothering.

 Had this been another FPS for steam or consoles, it would be pretty mediocre in all honesty. What makes this game much more, is the VR aspect where you are actually inside the game. You will see a tank 10 feet away from you and its fully 3D and looks like you're sharing the space with the tank. Its not on a screen, its right in front of you. The zombies aren't flat they are your height and can swarm you from all sides and look like they have weight to them 

You can move your hands around and see all the angles and all sides of the guns or other objects you have in them at the time. You can even toss things in the air and catch them again. You can look around a wall and see whats there without moving your feet. 

You can crouch down to see under tables or to open drawers that are lower to the ground. 

The game also has 3 DLC packs which are more campaigns, though some are shorter than others and I think all are shorter than the campaign which you can probably beat in 6 hours. 

Is Arizona sunshine worth picking up if you have a VR set? Definitely. Its a great game to start with to ease you into VR. 

Is Arizona Sunshine a reason to spend 400 + on a VR headset? No, not just for one game, but there are many , many great games today for VR that make getting a set worth while. There are online multiplayer games , there are ping pong games, Myst is in VR, Half Life Alyx, Doom 3 is coming to VR very soon, Tetris in VR, The Climb, Vader immortal, Watching 3D movies  and so much more. VR is just taking off and is only going to get better. 

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Unreal 2: Awakening.

I have been trying to play more older games. Some that I have beaten in the past , but mostly ones that I have had for years and never completed. The latest was Unreal 2: Awakening. I have had this game nearly since the day it came out, but for some reason I have only ever finished 2 or 3 missions and not continuing.

I'm not sure what the reasoning would be, maybe I found it boring, maybe too hard, or like some games that I gave up on, having to keep restarting because of losing save files.

Either way, I grabbed this game from my moms house to bring to my place and finally play through it. I beat the game last night. Luckily this game installed and ran on Windows 10 with no issue. The game did crash to the desktop a handful off times, but otherwise it ran perfectly fine.

When I first started the game, I was impressed by the visuals. It looked good for a game of its age, but if I was playing it back when it came out I would definitely have been impressed with the graphics.

I remembered the intro and the first section of the game from when you get your orders, to when you first see your ship and crew members. Aida being the most memorable, mainly for how she looked. Ill post a screen shot below to see for yourself.

There are two other crew members. One is a pilot who is a slow speaking, blob in a mechanical body which reminds me of a mix of two aliens from Mass Effect, A volus and some other big alien that speaks similarly to the pilot. Also there is the mechanic who also gets you new weapons and tells you how to use them between missions.

During the first actual mission something felt off. The game felt slow. Holding the shift key made me walk even slower. I had hoped it would make me speed up. I checked the control options a few times for a run button, but nope, this is as fast as it goes. Which felt like walking compared to most games.

After getting used to the slower pace, the missions were ok. The enemies were bullet sponges who could do lots of damage to you with just a few good shots. The Skaarj enemies were push overs, but the human enemies with weapons and some enemies later in the game were dangerous to deal with.

The levels weren't very big or very interesting. I found early on that you have to save often, first because you could get hit with a lucky shot and die and have a lot of ground to cover again, and secondly because you can randomly fall through the map at any moment. This happened at least 2 or 3 times to me.

This game, the levels, the enemies, the graphics, did not give me the same feeling of awe and wonder and immersion that the first Unreal gave me right from the start. I remember you were a prisoner on a prison ship that crashed on a planet and you escape the ship and are on your own to try to survive. That alone made you want to explore and learn about whats going on.

In Unreal 2, the story is about finding some artifacts (seven of them) that when combined can create a powerful weapon. There is some obvious double cross element that your crew tries to warn you about but you dont listen, eventually that ignorant mentality gets your whole crew killed, and leaves you the lone survivor listening to a recording they made for you before they died.... It was a push to make the story emotional , but it fell flat as you the player would not have been so blind as the character you play. Probably anyway.

Some of the levels were interesting in how you progressed. The later levels against some mechanical enemies has you knock down a bigger enemy and then you have to kill the smaller repair bots before they repair the enemy or youd have to fight it again. Killing it for good opens up the doors it was protecting.

There is also a neat boss fight at the end of this stage. The game has a few boss fights. None are very hard, but most are pretty fun.

Some stages had sections where you have to set up some barriers and turrets and protect an area while someone else gets data from a control panel …. I didnt care for these sections, they felt like filler. I think there were 3 of them in the game, maybe 4.

The weapon selection was pretty good. There is a good amount and you get more as you play through the game. Some I didnt find useful and never used, like the starting pistol, the gun that shoots spiders and the magnum. The most used were the flamethrower, which I think is the most effective and fun to use flamethrower in any game ive played, the shotgun, the assault rifle, the sniper rifle, the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher.

Overall, the game was just OK. Im glad I finally finished it , but its not a memorable game or one id want to revisit at any point. Id only recommend the game to anyone who loves older games and likes Unreal and wants to see what the sequel was about. I think there is good reason I never got far in this game when it was new. It doesnt have the appeal that the original game had.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 came out on PC on October 25th 2017. It was really advertised and I only knew it was coming because i loaded up steam and saw that the beta was available for download . I missed out on playing it, but I did manage to preorder the game before it released the next day. 

I paid for the $120 version because it came with the extra characters along with more to come in the future such as Atom, The Enchantress, Hellboy , and the upcoming Ninja Turtles. 

Image result for injustice 2 pc release date

I think that some games should charge more, since creating games is getting more expensive. So to pay 120 dollars for a fighting game isn't too bad in my opinion. My issue is with games like Street Fighter 5 that release for 80 dollars with barely any game modes that previous games in the series used to have like arcade modes with endings and so on. Then they release character packs for 2/3rds the price of the game (40 dollars each) and additional costumes at around 5 dollars a piece, then SF 5 should have been a free to play game.

Regardless , Injustice just released the base game plus the fighter pass. I do take issue with the way they implemented a grindy game play mechanic to get look boxes (mother boxes) and a slow grind to get crystals to unlock shaders and even alternate outfits that turn a character into a new character. Such as Superman becoming Bizarro Superman.

Image result for injustice 2 pc release date

You get these crystals at such a slow rate that getting enough for ONE shader will take plenty of time if you refuse to spend even more money on the game. I have probably 60 hours into the game and have ALMOST enough crystals for 2 shader for ONE character. 

Its a horrible mechanic that makes the game feel like a cheap mobile game . Almost like a more technical version of the actual mobile version of injustice 2. 

With that aside, the game is actually really fun to play. The roster is pretty good and as with most fighting games, people will always wish they added their favourite character. I do miss some that were in the original , like Zod, Zatanna and Batgirl, but the inclusion of Supergirl, Robin and Red Hood make up for missing favourites. 

Image result for injustice 2 pc release date

The fighting is just like the first game, where you have a heavy , medium and light attack as well as a power and your grab and switch stance buttons. I dont know what the point of switching stances is. Maybe there is a use for it but I havent found one. 

The game is easy enough for new people to pick up and play and get the hang of some simple combos, but you can also learn some more advanced combos that use meter burn and dashing to extend. 

Level transitions are back and personally I think they mostly just waste time as you watch a scene with a character flying backwards and smashing into things. It just breaks the flow of the combat.

I also think that like the first game Clashes are more annoying than anything as they also break up the flow of the fight. I do see the strategy in them, you can sacrifice meter to gain a percentage of health back, or to do more damage to an opponent, or you can risk none and let the other character regain health and maybe come back from a losing match, but i still think its a bad mechanic. 

Related image

Graphically the game looks good. Most of the characters look really good , and there are a lot of different pieces of armour you can equip and change how your character looks, but this was done for the sake of grinding for loot boxes. I prefer the way the first game handled things where you can select what costume you wanted, instead of having loadouts with customized versions of characters.

Online play has been good. Not much lag in my experience but as with most fighting games you will find lots of people who spam one or two moves that tend to frustrate and annoy new players who cant figure out a way around them. In the first game it was deadshot and his guns, in this game I havent seen anything that bad but I do see people trying to spam Supergirl's cross screen uppercut. (like scorpions teleport uppercut from MKX) 

Image result for injustice 2 pc release date

I havent finished the story mode yet but what I have played is really good so far. The story of injustice 1 was also really good so Im not surprised this one is so far as well. 

With everything considered, if I were to give a numeric score to the game, I would give it a 7. It loses points for the grindy-ness, and the fact that it isnt much different than the first game. Its a good fighter, but its not anything special. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

John Wick Chapter 2

Hopefully you saw the first John Wick and were as hyped as most people when they heard a sequel was coming. The first movie had some great action , a very simple plot and Keanu Reeves. The sequel has all that as well. The simple plot , Reeves and the action. This time though the action is even more ramped up.

The first John wick was pretty small in scope. John is a retired assassin who gets back to killing when some young mob boss' son decides he wants to beat him up and take his car and kill his dog. We learn about the assassin hotel called the Continental where we see other assassins as well, but mainly its John tracking the mob.

The sequel though tries to make John's world bigger by showing how widespread this assassin business really is. Homeless people are assassins, people in the subway playing violin are assassins, they are just everywhere. I feel that this was slightly detrimental to the film because with all this it made it feel like this doesn't take place in our world, like the first one could have.

So, as for the story, why does he go back to killing? Well, apparently he owed some bad guy a debt which was kept track on with a marker. This bad dude wants John to do something for him to pay back the debt which john apparently agreed to in exchange with helping with the impossible task we heard about in the first movie.

So, john eventually accepts the task and does it. Which leads up to a few great scenes including his killing his mark which was really well done , and then in a great action scene that John Wick is known for. One thing though I did not like. Before John went on his mission he got a bunch of gear including some suits. These suits have some special assassins material woven into it that makes it bullet proof.

So scenes showing John running from baddies with guns and having bullets bounce off of him made me cringe. I didn't like it. Other than that the actual action in the scene, the way it was shot and the music were all great.

John fights Common a few times through the movie. These fights were all great and mostly all close quarters fights and very intense. Great hand to hand and close quarters gun and knife fighting between these two which were a nice change from the non stop body shot, headshot of countless mob goons.

So, John completes his task, but as predicted he gets turned on right away and an open contract is taken out on John that has lots of people out to get him. So John is out to kill the guy who put out the contract and who he once owed a debt marker to.

Let me go back a bit. The opening of the movie takes place pretty soon after the first movie, and John is looking for his car..... He finds it with the help of John Leguizamo's character making some call. The beginning of this movie is crazy amazing action showing him get his car back which in the process takes so much damage that it barely makes it back to his home and he needs to have it completely repaired . The car doesn't make another appearance in the movie, but I have a feeling it will be back for part 3. Yes , there will be a part 3.

The action picks up in the third act after a slight slowdown in act 2 where he is getting his gear and so on, but it doesn't let up again once it starts. He kills so many people trying to get to the main guy. And its not so much action that it gets boring, its all entertaining and brutal.

John though does something that breaks the rules right at the end of the movie, which sets into motion a very intense end sequence that made me want to see John Wick 3 right now. Not an action packed ending, but very intense. The movies leaves John with no friends, no home, no help and nowhere to go. Just one debt marker given to him by the head of the continental. I hope they start on John Wick 3 right away. I cant wait another 3 years.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Killer Instinct Season 2

This is just a reminder for people that Killer Instinct Season 2 will be free starting tomorrow (January 16th) For Xbox LIVE gold members.
There are 4 seasons total at this point in the game and having half of it free is great. (first season was free a while back)

The great thing is that you don't need an XBOX ONE to claim the game. You can use an xbox 360, or go the the site to claim the game. Then either you can use this content for the PC version (which I do) or it will be in your digital library for if you ever upgrade to the XBOX ONE system.

You MUST have XBOX LIVE GOLD to claim this.

I haven't posted on this blog in ages. Though I hadn't played any games for a long time though. Hopefully I can start up again and keep this and my other blog content updated more frequently.

ANyway today I'm going to review a game called Bad Ass Babes!
The game is a side scrolling beat em up that features women wearing nothing but their underwear for the most part.

(Yes the options screen looks very messy)
After the intro and a brief description of the story which has to do with an alien invasion , you get to a character select screen and can choose one of two characters to start the game with. As you go through the game and beat bosses, they will join you and you can select them as playable characters from then on in the game. Though some bosses wont join you if you took a certain path through the level. The levels are linear but at points, a girl will show up and if you hit her she shows her boobs and opens a portal which takes you on an alternate path.

The characters are digitized actors and they look good for the most part. Each character has their own combos and special attacks. Special attacks can be done if you have enough green meter built up from collecting green orbs from breaking items or killing enemies.

Other than the side scrolling beat em up levels there are also side scrolling vehicle levels where you are on a motorcycle and people in cars and vans attack you. I didn't like these levels much because they are boring and its tough to not get hit and lose lives in these levels. Also no matter which character you pick for these levels, the sprite is the same so there really is not point to selecting a character for these parts.

There are also arcade shooter levels where you control a crosshair and enemies pop up on screen and you have to shoot them before they shoot you. You have a shield button you can hold down so that you don't get shot, and these levels are a decent break from the rest of the game and I liked them.

The game has gone through some changes in its short life. Some  bosses were replaced, then brought back but along with another boss , and enemy locations and frequency of appearing has changed. Through all the changes though the game has been fun to go through.

The game has flaws. For instance the story telling is horrible. Though the story is supposed to be cheesy so that didn't really bother me, but others might hate the game just for the bad writing and story.

Some bosses have moves that are near impossible to avoid and you can lose a few lives to this. Usually though once you figure out the pattern these fights get a lot easier.
Some of the sound effects are pretty bad. Like in the shooting levels when you bring up the shield and an enemy shoots it. The ping sound it ridiculous.

Those are small issues though and this is a cheap game so for the price and the amount of fun I had with it so far, the small issues are pretty insignificant.

The music in the game is pretty good. Its upbeat and to me it didn't get repetitive. I actually liked it and felt it didn't overwhelm the sounds in the game or distract me. It was pretty competent and suited the game pretty well.

This game is 10.99 on steam and I think it was even cheaper when I bought it. Its a fun simple game , but if you're offended by nudity then stay away because it has quite a bit of that. It also have an enemy that flashes you then sends out a giant penis to attack you.

I personally hope that this game gets a sequel because as cheesy as it is, its actually really fun and I have played through the game quite a few times now.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Gears or War 4 

Gears of War 4 came out on October 11, 2016 and lots of people were hyped up for this game and a lot of those people were also worried that it wouldn't be up to the quality of the previous entries in the series. Gears of War 1 is a classic, and I bought the game 3 times. First on its initial release for the xbox 360, then I bought the windows port and lastly I bought the PC version of the Ultimate Edition.

I loved the game each time and really loved the multiplayer. I didn't like Gears 2 as much. I don't know what it was but I think that for the most part the levels were bland and boring. I didn't even play much of the MP is part 2. Gears 3 though, I really liked. Lots of it was outside with some great looking graphics. They brought in a bunch of new characters and integrated them really well into the story and gameplay. There were enough new features to make the multiplayer fresh, but kept it similar at its core.

Lots of Gears of War fans really dislike Judgment though. I personally really like it and still play it online. I thought the campaign was really fun and the multiplayer felt like it could have been a new mode in gears 3 but stood on its own really well.

Now for Gears of War 4 (PC)
There aren't many video games that I get excited over anymore, being 35 I have played many, many games. I have always been excited for this series though. When Gears 3 came out I was at work counting the minutes until I could go home, pick up my copy and go play. Same for this one. The second midnight struck I loaded up the game and went straight into multiplayer.

I felt right at home with this game. It controls just like the previous games but the weapons after some play felt more balanced than previous games. I felt like given the right amount of distance, the lancers were very good against opponents using the gnasher, as opposed to other games where the gnasher would pop heads from far away. All the old weapons are back , including the snub pistol, the boltok, the Hammerburst, the Retro Lancer and the Longshot. There are a bunch of new weapons now as well. The Embar is a new sniper rifle, there is an Overkill which is a crazy powerful shotgun, I think its called the Enforcer, which is like an Uzi, and there are even more weapons to use. Though in Multiplayer the go to weapon is still the gnasher.

All the game modes are in there like Warzone, King of the Hill, Team Death Match, and Guardian, along with new modes Dodgeball and Arms Race.

There is customization where you can choose which characters to use in multiplayer and what gun skins to use as well. I find the character choices really lacking compared to the previous games. For the main characters JD, Del and Kait you have their outsider version, their armored version and then you have these weird color blast version where they look like they got nailed by tons of paintballs of different colours , and then they each have a day of the dead skin. Also each main character also has a zombie version...

There are skins for Anya. There is a version of her from E-Day, and one called Tomorrow Anya which is her in the outsider looking clothes. There is a male and female V-Day Gear, a male and female E-Day gear, old Baird , old Cole, E-Day Minh and even a zombie Dom.

There are a couple others as well from the story but the campaign has young Dom, and it even has Bernie in it as well as a bunch of other characters which would have made great skins for multiplayer. If they don't add them in via DLC then that will be a big missed opportunity.

In my opinion a huge miss step was the decision to have you unlock skins by buying Operations and Elite packs. You can buy them with credits you earn in game from multiplayer matches, or you can buy them for (Canadian) $2.50 for the Operations pack, $6.50 for Elite packs and horde and versus boosters are $1.29

The coalition made the amount of credits you earn very low. It costs 3,500 credits to get an elite pack but you get about 75 credits per match. It can take a lot of time.  And when you get a pack there is no guarantee what is in it. Its random. You can even get doubles. Leveling up doesn't unlock anything, so it doesn't feel like there is much point in the leveling system. I'm not even sure that  you get anything when you re-up.

Multiplayer is still really fun though but I just cant get on board with this type of thing in video games. I know companies want to make as much money as possible , but this is the sleaziest way to do it and ruins a great gaming experience.

The campaign was something I was afraid to start. I didn't want to play it and be disappointed in it so I put it off for a while. I beat it the other night though and was really impressed with it luckily.
Let me say though, that the new characters don't have the personality and charisma that the main characters from the previous games had. For the most part I even forgot that Del was even there. I wouldn't call the interactions between characters through the campaign banter because rarely was it witty or fun, it was just talk. "This looks bad."
"yeah, very. Lets keep moving"

Though near the end there was a funny joke about kings and wizards, but I cant think of any other time I enjoyed the dialogue between the three main characters.

The graphics looked great. The weather effects were awesome and I really liked the design of the levels and the pacing of the battles. I was hooked and pretty much played through the campaign in two sittings. I loved it. I was disappointed in the story though. I know they are trying to set up future games, but all the story consisted of was pushing forward to find people.

First, Kait's mom gets taken, so we need to find her. So you go for Marcus for help. He gets taken and you spend a bunch of time trying to get him back. You do, then back to tracking down Kait's mom. Then you call in some help. Baird and Cole show up , you find Kait's mom , game over.

You do learn some stuff , like the locust are back and using people to create more of them. You also learn something I thought was cool and wonder how it will play out later but I wont mention it here, you will have to play the campaign to find out, or watch my gameplay videos on Youtube of the campaign which shows what I'm talking about.

So, overall the game is really good. I haven't mentioned Horde mode but its similar to previous Horde modes. Its fun if you have people you know to play with.
You can get a lot of entertainment out of this game, it's just unfortunate that The Coalition decided to go the way they did with unlocking skins.